8 Twitter Feeds Every Single Christian Should Follow

8 Twitter Feeds Every Single Christian Should Follow - Single Christians need help with dating just like anyone else but from a slightly different perspective. Twitter has plenty of users who share all kinds of dating information geared toward the goals of Christian love. Here are 8 Twitter feeds every single Christian should follow and what they can offer.
8 Twitter Feeds Every Single Christian Should FollowDating Tips
Sometimes these feeds go right to offering up dating tips. Sometimes you don't know what to do at all and sometimes you are unsure of the right thing to do. These feeds can give you tips from the Christian perspective so that you always know what to do to make good choices in love in accordance with your beliefs.

Bible Verses
The Bible verses you find may specifically talk about relationships or they may provide inspiration of a more general nature. This cross between advice, comfort, and motivation is helpful for those seeking love. After all, what thoughts on love and life are going to mean more to you than those taken right out of the Bible?

Not every quote has to come from the Bible. The quotes that you find with these Twitter accounts help you to understand the basic truths of love or at least to consider new viewpoints. They can provide inspiration and understanding as well.

These Twitter feeds link to blogs where you can read what other single Christians are experiencing in their searches for love. You can read about their challenges and triumphs to know that you are not alone and to know that good Christian love is possible in this world. Learning what others are thinking about as Christian singles can make you feel less alone or can just help you to see your on situation in a different way.

You will also find links to articles through these Twitter accounts. These articles may be more commentaries about dating or they may talk about research done on topics that relate to relationships. All are likely to teach you something new about this thing called love. The fact that you are finding these articles through such excellent accounts helps to ensure that the articles will be good and possibly oriented toward Christian singles too.

Book Recommendations
Only so much can be said in a tweet so you can occasionally get some good book recommendations from these Twitter feeds to learn more. If you want to understand the search for love and your part in it then you need to devote some time to the subject and the right books can facilitate this deeper understanding. The best books can help you to understand what love is, what it is not, and how to line up your own expectations about love with what is true. When you get book recommendations from a Twitter account that you trust then you can be sure that those recommendations will be exactly the kind of books that you are looking for.

8 Twitter Feeds Every Single Christian Should Follow
1. churchsingles
2. MsLoveInWaiting
3. SCB_Online
4. singlenfaith
5. Date_Christians
6. ChristianDatin
7. date_christian
8. CherishMates

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