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Still in the blogger's birthday is the 10th, this time bloggers adding more new features which other end to comment, can also directly display the comments along with their blogger profile photo. This facility is very similar dengat tutorial I wrote some time. Unfortunately, in order to display komentar Avatar on Blogger, we have the login status.

Blogger also provide facilities for direct upload a profile picture when we want to leave a comment, the comment select the Preview button, click the "Add Photo" to upload photos to Blogger profile. Next when we leave a comment in Blogger, your profile photo will be displayed directly next to a comment column.

To enable or disable profile images in the comments, go to the Settings page - Comments. Then put a check "Yes" in the "Show profile images on comments?"
Just info, some templates that have been modified may be a problem with Avatar fasititas this comment, but do not worry all can be refunded as original.

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